What Are 4G ULIPS And What Are Their Benefits?

What Are 4G ULIPS And What Are Their Benefits?

Sure, a term insurance plan can be potent enough to cover your family after your untimely demise. But what measures can you possibly take when you also hope to leverage the benefits of your investment while you are still there? Invest 4G ULIP is the most intriguing combination of the two.

Basically, Invest 4G ULIP allows you to receive a life cover for your family in case of your unforeseen death. Simultaneously, it allows you to make substantial savings to safeguard your own financial wealth. Let us learn more about it.

Invest 4G ULIP Explained!

Everyone hopes for the very best for their family. Since their families are their foremost priority, they do not long to settle for anything less than the best. We get this. As a valued customer, it is your right to receive nothing but the best. In terms of financial assistance, too, we abide by this. That is why Invest 4G ULIP avails itself to you confidently.

Under this policy, you can render your family the financial protection it deserves after your death and the financial planning that you deserve after years of hard work. This means now you can enjoy these dual benefits under a single umbrella by paying a single premium for both. This is obviously a more affordable choice and a convenient approach, too, since it eliminates the hassle of managing two different insurances simultaneously.

In simple terms, Invest 4G ULIP is a form of Unit-linked Individual Life Insurance savings policy. This type of policy allows you the leverage to tailor it as per your goals and alter requirements.

What Are The Key Features Of Invest 4G ULIP?

1. Flexibility

4G ULIP provides sufficient flexibility to policyholders that come in the form of varied investment choices. These choices range from balanced funds, debt funds to equity funds. Each of them presents themselves with a different set of risk appetites, so policyholders can now choose from amidst them as per their preferred risk appetite. They can also choose to make a switch between these funds pertaining to their financial goals and fluctuating risk appetites.

2. Tax Benefits

Any premium that you pay under 4G ULIP can be entitled to a tax deduction under Section 80C. This pertains to the Income Tax Act 1961. In this process, even the maturity proceeds end up being tax-free under Section 10 (10D) of the same act.

3. Life Cover

4G ULIP comes with a life cover benefit. This means that the policyholder’s family can continue to receive financial protection under this plan from the policy providers even after the untimely demise of the policyholder.

4. Wealth Creation

As a policyholder, if you are looking to amplify your wealth and gain potentially higher returns, that is possible. By investing in a varied set of options like balance funds, equity funds, and debt funds, you can make profits through your returns on time.

5. Mitigation Of Risk

With 4G ULIP, you can choose to make investments in different types of funds. These are the same funds we just spoke of in the last paragraph. This means you can choose your risk profile as per your preference and capacity.

6. Long-term Savings

Under this type of insurance plan, one can also make sufficient savings without much hassle. In case a policyholder is looking to make long-term financial savings because they want to protect their family or want to create enough wealth for themselves, 4G ULIP lets you do that.

7. Liquidity

Thankfully, this type of insurance plan also lets you withdraw a certain amount of your investment after undergoing a lock-in period. This can be very useful for policyholders during an unforeseen emergency when they need financial assistance right on time.

Winding Up!

4G ULIP is a great investment that can help you make sufficient profits as per your risk appetite and financial objectives in the long run. If you are scouting for this type of insurance policy any time soon, make sure you connect with your insurance provider right away.

They will provide you with sufficient benefits on the same that can help you understand which fund option is most suitable for you. Accordingly, you can register at the earliest and leverage the financial benefits it has to offer.

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