How Can a Financial Advisor Help You Increase Profits in The KLSE Market?

How Can a Financial Advisor Help You Increase Profits in The KLSE Market?

Trading through KLSE stocks recommendations is getting to be esteemed for individuals and they are planning to gain their profits on long and short transitory reason. The stock market has continually been a place to search for profiting. Stocks are a standout amongst the most critical steppers of the Bursa Malaysia Stocks.

A financial adviser encourages you to make strategies for minimizing financial risk and building profits over the long term. They can give you a course of action that puts you on track to accomplish your financial goals. You wouldn’t need to actually supervise each and every trade. Your KLSE trading could go on uninterrupted in which you need it to.

So if we as an Adviser make a claim of providing you an accuracy of up to 80-85%, it means we can balance your profits and losses and provide you returns based on your investment within a span of 3 months. Because to understand and manage your portfolio any financial planner requires at least a margin of 3 months to regulate the trades and your account.

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How this Works

Builds your risk profile: We make your personalized risk profile based on your net worth, risk appetite, investment objective etc. We Plan your trading budget with precise some required to be Dedicated. Prepares a trading plan on paper in line with your Trading Objectives.

Provide Recommendations: The research team derives signals based on the fundamental and technical analysis. These are then delivered to you via Email or SMS. We Provide you trading recommendations during the Trading Hours. We provide daily 2-3 recommendations in our KLSE daily stock signals with Daily Support & Resistance levels for KLCI and Complete follow up on recommendation and open positions.

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Executing Trades: You execute the trades based on the signals provided by our Research Analysts and follow the disciplines that they advise you. You are mentored by our market experts and valuable insights shared with proper follow- up. Updates on Market news & Market reviews and provide complete follow up on recommendations and open positions. Also, our advisers provide Daily Support & Resistance levels for KLCI giving 2 targets and 1 Stop loss to minimize the risk and maintain the risk-reward ratio. And provide Online assistance via Whats-app and Telegram.


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